Thursday, October 17, 2013

Love and Curls...

This Monday my mom bought me literally the most adorable thing ever, that I will keep for life! You have no idea how much this makes me smile, and you may think I'm silly but... it's a cookie stamp! On it it says "made with love". Every single time I bake something for someone, I always say, "I MADE THIS WITH LOVE!" Because... well, I did. :) Haha. This is amazing because I love baking. It's my favorite, especially during the holidays! I'd rather stay in on the weekend baking cute cookies or cupcakes then go out. Yes, I know, I'm lame. ;) 
Now I'm set to go with my "made with love" cookie stamp. I'm so in love. And I love my momma for getting me this. You can purchase this cookie stamp HERE.
Anyways... Today at my wonderful school we learned how to do pin curls, a different kind then just pinning it up. We took the hair and curled it up the same way you would do a pin curl and instead of pinning it we pressed it right in the smoothing iron, and wall-ah! It created such a beautiful curl. I had no idea about this technique, but I will for sure post a tutorial soon. It's so amazing! 
I have very thick hair, the kind that you can do anything with, it will hold anything, so a few girls in my class did this pin curl technique to my whole head! I absolutely adored the outcome, they did such a great job. 
P.S. Tomorrow I'm modeling for a zombie fashion show! I'm so pumped because they're making me into a beautiful zombie... say what? I'm so EXCITED! :) It will be a great experience and I will post pictures soon!



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