Monday, October 14, 2013

Sales are fabulous

I hope I'm about to make your day. Urban Outfitters is having a sale. 50% OFF ALL SALE ITEMS. Meaning... take an additional 50% off all clearance. Okay guys, I about died today. Luckily, my mom recieves their emails and knew about this or else I wouldn't have! Let's just say my mom and I saved a lot today. :) Nothing feels better then saving a ton of money when buying what you love! Sales are fabulous okay. 
So, you can either go to the website HERE or if you live near an Urban Outfitters, take a stop by. 
Today I bought a denim jacket that was originally 60$ for 5$! Say what?! Yes. I also bought a pair of leather pants that were also originally 60$ for 20$, and an adorable shirt for my wonderful boyfriend that was originally 50$ for 15$. I will be posting a shoot soon, so you will be seeing these items. 
Sale ends at midnight, so hurry hurry! I would love to know what you found. :) 
P.S. I had the best day with my momma...


  1. Oh my goodness! They do this right after Christmas too! I think it ended yesterday though, because there's nothing on the website, bummer.

    1. Yes! It ended at midnight. This sale was amazing because Urban is pretty expensive! Can't wait for the Christmas sales. :)