Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beauty High

As you all know I am being such a freak about my hair right now! I just found the coolest thing to try on Beauty High. It's the 30 day challenge of no shampoo. This may make some of you squirm, but the benefits of this are awesome. Instead of using shampoo, you just use a cleansing conditioner. One thing she mentions in the post that I never knew is that after you shampoo your hair and rinse, your hair isn't ever supposed to feel almost plasticky... Hard to run your fingers through. I thought that's just how shampoo made your hair feel, but when this happens it means your hair is dry. It needs hydration. Mine has definitely felt like this during the shower. A little too often! 
Anyways, you all should go read the whole post here. I am definitely going to do the 30 day challenge! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Must Haves

The great thing about jackets, tops, boots, lipsticks, etc... Is that you can almost always find a piece identical, incredibly less expensive. That is beauty. Also, sales.
These are definitely my Fall must haves. I love to stay neutral... And let my lips pop with a red lipstick. I love the little things. 

Must have

Monday, September 8, 2014

Coconut Oil, Egg and Honey Hair Mask

Right now I am using absolutely no heat on my hair, which means no blow drying, straightening, curling, or waving... No heat tools. I started September 1st and I'll be doing this for the whole month. I have been needing to do this probably since my sophomore year of high school, especially because I have gone super blonde with highlights and then went dark... My hair needs a little rehab. 
I thought this was going to be super hard for me because I'm such a lover of getting all dolled up, and when it comes to getting dolled up my hair is number one. I have been thinking so much lately though about how healthy I want my hair to look...and feel. Same goes for my whole body. 
Before I started the no heat thing I was curling or straightening my hair almost everyday, AND blow drying it. My hair just felt so dry and porous, not very healthy at all. Now that I haven't been putting any heat on my hair it has become so much easier to get ready in the mornings! Not to mention- so much quicker. I've been loving it. Once this month is over I think I'll only be putting heat on my hair once a week just because I have learned to make my hair look just as great when it air dries. I never thought I would say that! This is practically a dream come true for me. 
So, I've been doing a coconut oil hair mask twice a week that I swear by. I know a few girls that have used this on their hair and it has completely changed the look and feel of their hair. Their hair has grown almost dramatically! I also have done a ton of research and have only heard such positive things and outcomes. This might be a little crazy for me to say but I have only done this mask twice and my hair hasn't felt this luscious and silky in years! I can't stop touching it. It's magical. And I can't wait to see the progress my hair makes during this whole month. I also have only been washing my hair about 2 or 3 times a week... This is extremely healthy as well for your hair and that's because when you wash your hair everyday you are stripping the natural oils from your hair that it needs for your hair to actually grow, and your hair can become very dry from washing it everyday. 
If you are needing some hair rehab like me and are wanting to try this coconut oil hair mask, here is what you'll need and how to do it- 

  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of raw honey
  • 1 large egg yolk
First you will place the 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in a microwaveable bowl, and if it is solid from being in room temp, microwave it for about 30 seconds and then whisk. 
Place the 2 tablespoons of raw honey in with the coconut oil, and microwave again for 30 seconds if the raw honey is solid. Whisk after. 
Then you will only need the egg yolk, and place it in the bowl with the oil and honey. Whisk until it is combined well. 

I think the easiest way to cover your whole head in the mask is parting your hair section by section and covering all your scalp first and massaging it in. Then I will just go through the mid shaft to ends and cover the rest of my hair. After that is done I will flip my head over and just massage it all in more to make sure all my hair is super saturated and has good coverage. Leave the mask in your hair for 20-30 minutes. I usually leave mine in a bit longer, then shampoo and condition your hair. And your finished! The smell of the mask isn't very pleasant, but you just gotta tough it out. :) 

Please comment or email me if you have any questions! Good luck lovelies.. Xoxo
P.s. Happy Monday!