Monday, July 28, 2014

The hair thing...

For you all that don't follow me on instagram and don't know about my big hair disaster, my hair is now very dark! About 2 months ago I made the biggest mistake of trying to put in a few highlights in my hair on my OWN, and it turned out to be crazy. Long story short… I was so upset that I just put a 5N in my hair, and of coarse my super blonde hair soaked all that color up! Yes I have totally learned my lesson, and yes I actually love my dark hair. I'd rather stay super positive about it and rock it for now, then be bummed about it all the time. Eventually I'll have my blonde hair back! So i'm looking forward to that haha. 
Just last week I got a balayage done, and I love it. Just some sun kissed ends. 

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