Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Black Chucks

I have been wanting black high top converse forever! Just the other day I decided to just go get some. I love them so much, they make me so happy! I like switching up my wardrobe a little every now and then… go out of my comfort zone a little :) I also love a little tom boy style. Usually I will always put on something sparkly for New Years eve but this year I just wasn't feeling it! I never wear jeans, so when I do… I love the switch up. 
In case you haven't read in previous posts, my legs are insanely long so it's the hardest thing ever finding jeans that are long enough. With the pair of jeans I'm wearing in this post I put on long socks and scrunched them down a bit because my jeans weren't long enough! Haha it's a little embarrassing admitting that, but you gotta do what you gotta do right? Haha. I actually loved the way the socks looked with the outfit. Like I said before, switching it up or wearing something you never have is a great feeling. I think for the new year one of my resolutions is to really just jump out of my comfort zone, and be confident about it. I love the idea of that. 
I'm super duper excited for 2014! It's going to be a big year. 
I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year's. 
Thank you for stopping by, xoxo

Jeans - American Eagle
Scarf - Anthropologie
Glasses - Urban Outfitters

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