Thursday, December 19, 2013

My go-to beauty look...

My go-to beauty look...

Beauty product

E l f blush

Make up bag

Maybelline eye makeup
$24 -

Mineral face powder

Maybelline mascara
$8.17 -

Rimmel makeup

Powder brush

Rimmel waterproof mascara
$9.15 -

Liquid eyeliner

NYX white eyeliner

Truth is, I've basically always stuck to the same routine. The only thing I have recently started doing is using whites. After I apply my BB cream, mineral face powder, bronzer, and blush, I will always start out with the scandalous eyes eye shadow stick on my eyes. It's almost like a clay texture… which I absolutely love because it gives my eyes that amazing base that not only brings out my eyes, it makes my eye makeup stay on all day and looking fresh always! I recently just learned in school last week that with my cool skin tone, white, shimmery light browns, and blue look best on me. This made me so happy because that's what I've always used.
But seriously that white eye shadow stick is amazing. I'm forever addicted to it now! I always tell people it's my life saver. It gives my eyes a great look. 
After I apply that, I will dab on my plain white eye shadow with my finger… not with a brush. For some reason I like doing that with the white. Then I will use a brush to do my shimmery browns. I apply that right under my brow bone always. Depending on the day, I'll do more brown than usual or just do a little. It actually all depends on my mood… :) haha. 
Next, I apply my Elf black liquid eye liner. Also, one of my life savers. I just love it. And depending on my mood or outfit, I'll do a winged eye, a subtle line, or barely winged. This is harder to explain then I thought it would be! Haha and I never realized how much I do differently with different moods. I'm so crazy! Aren't we all? 
So after I apply my black liquid eye liner, sometimes I'll use my gold glitter liquid eye liner. I'll either apply it right under my bottom lashes, or above my black liquid eyeliner. Next I apply my white pencil eye liner right above my bottom lashes. This makes my eyes look so much bigger. I only use it for special occasions. 
Finally I apply my mascara. I usually always use 2 or even 3 different mascara brushes. I like to get my lashes looking nice and long. 
Sometimes when people ask me what brands makeup I use and I say Elf, they look so surprised. It's honestly such great quality! I love it. And it's so amazing because it's so, so inexpensive. You should all definitely check it out and experiment. I always buy all of my makeup at Target.
Also, a big beauty secret of mine… Just 3 weeks ago I stopped using my face wash. I've been using brown sugar and olive oil. My skin has never, ever been this clear, soft, and just over all pretty. I do this two times a day. Morning and night. I'll just mix the two together and rub it on my face for about 3 minutes. I never have to use lotion anymore because the brown sugar and olive oil moisturizes my face so well. My skin feels amazing. 
I've been getting so into lipstick. Now, the days I don't wear it I feel a little too dull! My aunt just gave me Mary Kay Mystic Plum. I am so, so in love with the color. It's so in style right now too. 

Here are some of my lip inspiration looks. 


  1. Does the olive oil and brown sugar cause you to break out or clog your pores at all? How much do you use?
    And Hayden, you must post either a tutorial and or pictures to show exactly how you do your eye makeup! Your eyes always look so beautiful and I'm dying to try on myself!

    1. It doesn't make me break out or clog my pores, no! I use about a tablespoon of brown sugar and 1 teaspoon of olive oil, if not less.
      Okay I will post a tutorial or pictures as soon as I can! Thank you so so much :)