Sunday, November 3, 2013

DIY jar full of memories...

A very long time ago when my boyfriend and I first started dating I had this mason jar and at the end of every day I would write down on a little piece of paper what we did.  I lost it for I don't even know how long until just the other day when I went to go grab a blanket from the top shelf of my closet and it came falling down! I literally just stared at the jar for 2 minutes then decided to pick it up haha. My heart stopped! I knew that when I opened it, it would be like falling in love all over again. Reading all of our memories together that I wrote down was seriously the best thing in the world. Having something like that I feel is so wonderful... Especially when you're having a bad day. It gives you something to always look back on and smile. 
So writing down memories has begun again! And I know years and years from now I'm going to thank myself for doing this. :) 
Friday I made a jar full of inspirational quotes and words that described one of the gals in my core class for the character awards we had to do. Each one of us got assigned a person and we had to do a little something sweet for them! It was the best because I think this jar meant a lot to her.... it made me so happy. 
I decided I wanted to add a lot of glitter to the jar I made for her... because I'm so sure all you girls know.... glitter is a total motivator these days! ;) What girl doesn't have a thing for glitter? Like come on haha. 
After I added the glitter to the jar for my character award I decided to do it on my jar full of memories too. Turned out to be the most adorable thing ever! 
Here is how I did it.
You need....
One mason jar
Powdered glitter (or glitter dust?) 
Hairspray (Only if you want a lot of glitter action! If you just want a light dusting, don't use hairspray)

So if you are using the hairspray, take your mason jar, take the lid off, and spray just a bit of hairspray inside the jar. This makes the glitter stick... I'm sure that's obvious :) But if you don't want a ton of glitter skip this step!
Then you will poor as much glitter as you want into the jar, put the lid on, and shake shake shake. This is the best part haha. 
And there you go! SO EASY AND QUICK. 
I love how some of the glitter will get on the the little pieces of paper inside the jar, makes it so magical! There is an endless list of things you can write down on pieces of paper to put inside! Dreams, quotes, memories, bucket list, places to travel, wish list, and the list goes on.... get creative. 
If you have any questions let me know :)
Xoxo and happy glittering 

Without using hairspray.

With hairspray. 


  1. I love the hairsprayed jar!!!! Omg Hayden you inspire me on a daily basis!

    1. Aww you are so sweet! Thank you, you are the BEST :)